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When I started up this blog I was full of hope that: firstly, I will get more encouragement, challenge and support to write, share, interact and meet fellow bloggers and writers; and the second is that: it’s been a year and a half now and I wasn’t that active writing!
I used to be to be a writing-holic. However, for some reason, I got lost and my lovely habit was partially fading, until I decided to sign up this blog fingers-crossed that it will boost me to write again and write more. And here I am!
I really get sick when I do not write. Yes, I do. Gosh, how all these thoughts and words can be such a coldly merciless pain when imprisoned, unintentionally, inside. And it is a grand relief letting them out. It’s like a tweeting bird leaving his cage to sing in the open air, freely and without any limits or restricting borders.

I am feeling much better now, having this #blogging101 challenge puts in the seventh heaven. I can’t be any happier!

Five key subjects that catch my heart and soul are, but not limited to, the following:

1- Literature: especially Russian literature.

2- Greek Methodology

3- Books

4- Philosophy, Psychology and Religions

5- Personal experiences, adventures and success stories.

Having these subjects in mind, I stumbled upon a number of blogs (more than five :D) and with a quick review, I’ve got to acknowledge that there are lots of promising fellow bloggers whose blogs can enlighten the minds, add knowledge and are indeed “quality blogs”.

I, wholeheartedly, wish you all the every success with your endeavours.

I would appreciate if you take a few minutes and share with me your thoughts on my blog.
Please feel free to recommend any subject and/ or blog/ blogger you think is worthy following.

Again, nice to meet you all lovely neighbours. Let’s all turn our neighbourhood into a rich and fertile environment that breeds ingenuity and cultivates creativity and valuable ideas and thoughts.




  1. noplainjanie · January 7, 2015

    Great post, let the words flow. You’ll feel soo much better.

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