My name is: Dalal

Here I am, this is me, Dalal.

It is interesting indeed how names can define us, represent us and aspire our existence, past, present and future.

My name is Dalal. And Dalal is a feminine name that means coquettishness in Arabic.

As a child, I grew up naughty, troublemaker, driven by the curiosity to learn about as much as I possibly can find about. I never took no for an answer. I was always looking for adventures, and for a scouts’ girl, that triggered my curiosity and I hit the road with that urge to go out, explore and learn.

This child grew up an excellent student, though math was not my favourite subject; still, I was successfully passing it. I danced, sang, acted, wrote and delivered exceptional speeches; I was sometimes the scapegoat, server, and hope for some fellow classmates, who used to be bullied, neglected and margenalised, and were always coming to me for support and shelter. But guess what, I was bullied too. I heard the worst of names, was stabbed in the back a hundred times and never had a true friend. Yet, I was strong and courageous enough to face this all by my own and with the support of others, who were going through the same, yet, their weakness and low self esteem let them down.

And I suck this all up and overcame everything; because my mom rooted in me strength, confidence, self-respect, optimism and positive thinking. She was and still is my model and I led by example and managed to get through this all with faith and trust.

And I “grew up” and learnt that it’s only my faithfulness, trust, good deeds, positive and courageous attitudes and success-dynamic- optimism- oriented persona that can bring the best in me.

I learnt to look through the tunnel and see the light of hope. Hope always kept me faithful that one day, just one day, a song will fill my life with merry, felicity and happiness. I’ve learnt that after darkness comes light; and this light shall shine bright and spread peace and equality all across the universe.

This is why when challenged, I remind myself that tomorrow is better, beautiful, this will end, it can’t last forever, it’s not the end of the world; and tomorrow will come the song.

I learnt to turn a deaf ear. Believe in myself, because “I know who I am and who I maybe if I choose”, and “the only constancy is the inconstancy”.

That’s why this is my blog title, and my tags allude positiveness, optimism, strength, self-confidence, trust, and belief.

Fellow bloggers,

Your blogger Dalal is, in addition to aforementioned, an Aries. And this Aries, besides the not so very preferable characteristics, is a survivor, warrior, public server, hopeful, helpful and passionate ambitious young woman.

I always look for the best, aspire change, and accept challenges regardless. In my continuous “make a change” march, I fail, mess up, rebel, shed tears, fight and fight and reach my destinations, because that’s how one can only become victorious, whatsoever his/ her goals are. Everything we envision deserves a possible reality. Dreams CAN be true and become a reality. With determination, one bold faithful leader can fight and lead a pack of wolves.

This in short is a glimpse into my life. I never succumbed and accepted any failure. In turn, I fought and fought and did win my battles.


Always keep up the high spirit; keep your fight on going; stay positive and make a difference and change. Leave your unique fingerprints for the world to remember you.

This is Dalal, this is part of the story behind my blog title.

Cheers xx


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