A little star: shining brighter in the darkest of nights

I know that these passing days I wasn’t that committed to blogging as I said I will, and I regret that, wholeheartedly!
It’s just painstakingly aching sometimes to write about your agonies, disappointments, the awful things that hurt you,,,, it’s really hard. The fact that you will be exposing yourself to the public, freaks me and adds insult to injury when I should positively consider it and let go of all these miseries inside and let the public treat it ,, with kindness.

As writing was my remedy when it was just hard enough for me to take in all the shits going around of me, music and songs played also a major in taking away the negative energy and spread positivism and peacefulness. And, indeed, many were the times when only music was the solution, the healing touch that detox the badly harmful feelings and tenderly deepens self control so I can maintain a healthy life, where the heart nourishes and soul tango together in peace, and the mind in peace rests, cultivating gratitude for the good things I had, have and will be having.
And this week my only remedy was “lil star, by Kelis” was my only song, my only shelter.

It was hard for me to crawl to my notebook and write about this little thing hurting my inners. I used to write in such cases, but, things changed, I changed and it seems that writing will worsens things, because I know I will end up writing down really horrible things that I might regret.
Huhhh! I’m not a regretful person, yet as of December 2014, I started becoming one, and I am still asking myself this question “if regrets and the act of regretting is a bad or good omen????” ….. don’t know, yet!

I am positive that at the darkest of times, there shall always be a little star shining, regardless. I am now this star, and you can be that too, and it’s indeed at the darkest of time when the peril of hope shines bright and we genuinely SEE THE STARS.

Let me now leave you with one of my favourite pieces for André Rieu performing “and the Waltz goes on” and I hereby say that life goes on.


Chill, let go, expect less, stay positive, count your blessings, and tomorrow will come the song 🙂



One comment

  1. mademoisellefrench1990 · January 22, 2015

    i love this song , its one of the songs that brighten me up whenever i have dull moments 🙂

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