Blogging101 Task #10: Building A Better Blogroll

With today’s task, I managed to build s better blogroll, and guess what, my assignment today covers the 3 different suggestions.

The first one, with the text widget, I added the Blogging101 badge. The funny thing is that as I was always looking into other blogs, I always wanted to add this badge to my blog, and never really paid attention to the tip on the sidebar, just until today.

The second thing is: Links widget: again to the sidebar, I added 8 blogrolls.

The third is: Blogs I Follow. I added 10 blogs I follow and find interesting and chose the “grid” display.

The fourth and finally: I have received a comment that suggests I specifically address the main objective of my blog, not just leave speaking about me, myself. And this is what I did.

Thus far- I can get some rest- I will be looking froward to writing some uncategorised and new posts which I will be sharing with you in the next coming days.

Don’t forget to leave your comments 🙂



Blogging101Task #9: Getting Inspired by the Neighbours

Thanks to A Letter I Wrote to Myself About Getting FatA Greatly Inspirational post that not only made my day, but greatly made sit to put down some thoughts I’ve been having in mind for some time now.

And going from there, my post: What Size Are You?

In this post I shed the light on women’s and men’s constant urge to stay fit and in shape; society judgments, worry and anxiety and continuous pursuit to lose weight and look fit and in shape regardless.

The post is just a random thought. Please feel free to comment and let me know that you were here 🙂

You are Humans.

Always on the go to lose weight and become thinner to look good and perfect and attract their attention? Ever skipped your meals and the sophisticated luxurious food because you feared that you are becoming fatter and uglier? And always putting yourself in community’s preconceived labels and stereotypes where you can’t but look “stunningly thin and sexy”?

Let me tap on your shoulders and put you in the true picture.

We are always obsessed with sizes,figures, shapes, looks, numbers and numbers and more. It’s always numerical, rigid, irrational, senseless, indistinct and dull…………..Objects?!

What drives these few lines to this very brief conclusion is the fact that this is exactly how most of our youth, women and even men, look at themselves.

Everyone is on a constant burnout to maintain a fabulous body, that’s absolutely fit and give her/ him the freedom to wear the smallest of sizes and thinnest dresses and outfits.

Everyone is going a banana about how they look physically from the outside; extreme merciless diets- most of the times leading to anorexia nervosa, working out, body building, suppliers, and sometimes even worse, going on hunger strikes for the sake of nailing it and reaching the goals of having the “body” that pleases the eye and set instincts on fire.

And while doing all of that, we forget about our spirituality, the natural balance that weds our heart- mind- and soul. We simply go astray and end up “objects” and “slaves” to this trend! Becoming mere objects. Because that’s all our youth are doing now; they neglect their human needs and let themselves be exposed and objectified by the irrationality and irresponsible attitudes that are spreading like wildfire on the tele, social media and even out in the streets and make people believe that only with the “perfect body” you can be successful, rich, famous and accepted!

Total insanity.

Let me tell you that most of the times I was/ am not happy with my body. That’s fine, so far. However, what’s making me living with this body is my mom. I have a mom whom whenever hears me complaining about my figure and how I look, always assures me that I am fit, I am healthy with this body and I look good.

But guess what, this is not always enough ,,, good enough to make me really appreciate how I look and be convinced that as long as I am healthy, there’s no need to panic about what others think of me.

It’s not wrong to take into consideration what people think of you and who/ how you are, yet, when this is over-considered and it becomes your ultimate priority to listen to what others think of you,,, here you are harming yourself.

I believe the first step to overcome such dilemma is to stop listening to what people say- you know they always talk and will keep talking,,, just leave them- and start thinking for your own self. First things first, is having self-esteem and confidence of what we have. Then, looking into where things are going wrong, and trying to provide genuine solutions, not again, let ourselves be projected and labelled. We act as we are comfortable about.

All the sexy and sizzling beauty icons and models you see on the TV and viral on social media are created for certain purposes, and are advertised to you by the sick mentalities of businesses that only seek the financial profits at the end of the day.

You are not an object! You can always aspire being healthy, fit and good to look at, BUT, do not let that take over your life.

DO NOT let yourself be labelled and categorised. You are not a puppet that should let people dress her and play wither whenever and however they want. You are a human being. It’s not always how look from the outside, you should also take care of your inner beauty; your soul.

We need to remind ourselves that our bodies are the vehicle that gives the tour around life/ Just accept who you are, take control and do not let your ears be opened to the common public!

In short it is your essence that makes your stand out in life NOT your flesh and skin.

To break the ice, play this song

Blogging101 Task #8: Being a good neighbour

It’s not only with this task I chose to be a good neighbour. Since I started this course, I started surfing other fellow bloggers blogs, and not only those I follow and who follow me back, however, everyone I find interesting and I can relate to their About Page and posts.

Thus far, I realised it’s only about sharing and engaging with other people’s posts; it’s rather the fact that I get to see a glimpse of what people are like, how they think, perceive and interpret and process information, facts, experiences and daily encounters.

Reading one’s post, takes you on a journey to the realms of their life. Their identity, thoughts, culture, traditions and most importantly, them as human beings.

I should admit that when I write, I feel I am naked! Because only with writing we let ourselves be exposed to the others, to the public. With writing you cannot hide, bluff or lie; you can only let your inners translate what’s dwelling inside to the outside.

My daily habit is not to hover over the Freshly Pressed posts and get in touch with what is going around me.

Many have inspired me so far, if not with writings, they did with ideas on how to build and grow an eye-catching and appealing.

My goal now is by the end of this course, I hope I can have friend-neighbour- fellow bloggers, whom I can be sure will be in touch on a daily basis. SO far, I have 3 and I trust this will multiply as I start writing about many other different things.

Blogging101 Task #7: Keep Personalising- Headers and Backgrounds

With today’s challenge, again I am not changing anything. I am keeping it SIMPLE.

Scrolling down and back up in my blog makes me confident that this is what I am looking for. The blog, header, background, is just simply sophisticated enough for me. And just realising that great themes come in simply delivered packages; designs.

I am keeping the blank white background, colourful header, title and subs. I’ve been receiving some generous feedback from fellow bloggers and their comments left me assured that I am on track and is working in line with my vision. So, for now, at least, I am not changing anything. (Seriously, having a crystal clear vision in mind of the objective and mission of your blog helps you toward achieving your goals).

In the next days, I will be adding new widgets and lists to my menu. (Still figuring out what can help promote my blog). Shall keep you posted on the updates of course.

Thank you!


I cannot tell you how happy your sweet, kind and generous words made me, rejoicing with happiness, relief, ecstasy and merry; I simply cannot be any happier. I’ve been having a rough week so far, and only in the afternoons, after an exhaustingly wrecking work day, I crawl to my keyboard to find solace in writing. And just going into my WordPress and finding your feedback, likes and comments, put me on cloud nine- feeling like floating on air with euphoria. That’s life I think!

I am utterly happy, thankful and grateful for having you all. Knowing that my writings interest you even though you do not know me in person, indeed stands out and adds colours and flavours to my blog and life.

Everyday blogging is like sitting on the edge of excitement; dicing and rocking with the words; letting go of all the awful burdens of tiresome, boredom and anxiety and taking in a dose of optimism and sighs of relief. Blogging thus far has proven to keep me at oneness with myself. Because I know that when it’s too hard for me to talk about something, someone across the universe, and somewhere cross the continents, would care to read and listen to the words as they pulse with the unspoken rhythms.


Thanks a lot for your continuous support. Please keep in touch and do not forget to pop into my blog every now and then.

Besties 🙂

Blogging101 Task #6: About Page

So, here I am doing my 6th assignment on the row.

I didn’t really add to my About Page. The fact that in short introduce ourselves to the public, to individuals we’ve never known and let them freely reflect on what they read, find and relate to it, is challenging and interesting at the same time.

I didn’t add or change in my about page. For now, I think I’ve added enough.

Whoever would be interested in finding more about it or feels that my page/ blog speaks to him or her is free to leave a comment, feedback and let me know.



Blogging101 Task #5: Themes

I know I am not supposed to write about my theme preference, but thought I’d be lost in count if I don’t (for the sake of the task only).

Since I started this blog and promised to myself that I am making a commitment this time, I wandered in through various themes and previewed and tried many, and in the end, it was one theme that I felt was speaking to me; it is Gateway!

Erm, the reason I chose this theme is because it is indeed my gateway for my thoughts, you feel me?

I wanted a theme, a platform, that can simply reflect what I am trying to say. No one denies the fact that our own words fail us and let us down, and only then, we need something that can convey our message. Hence, I am going for the Gateway theme. Simple, unique, attractive and thought provoking,,,,, I cannot ask for more.

This in short is me fulfilling my 5th assignment. Do not forget to subscribe and leave your comments. That’d be greatly appreciated.

Cheers 🙂

Blogging101 Task #4: Hello neighbours :)

I just cannot tell you how happy I am knowing that after an exhausting work day I can go back home, put my feet up and chill as I blog! Yes, that is a fact. It’s not only blogging, it is that when you write down your heart and soul and leave the words to surf over the internet and reach to those across the globe who can relate to what is being written; find comfort and relief in your words; with that, what matters is knowing that someone is into what you write and will keep track of your updates to learn more about you, as a person, your interests, concerns and everything.

I am a passionate young woman whose interest are growing and expanding every day- probably because I work in the filed of international development and external affairs and translation, I always crave knowing and learning about different nations, peoples, countries worldwide, cultures and traditions, languages and their various dialects , young entrepreneurs, especially females, creative promising future leaders in all walks of life. And not only that, but finding about the very exotic new trends and updates of today’s life. I should admit that controversial issues and topics put me on edge of excitement and I cannot but find myself digging into these  glamorously non-traditional extrinsic topics- that’s the Aries in me 😀

BTW: I am a coffeeholic, an early morning coffee is a hug in a mug! and who doesn’t want a hug to kick off every morning, knowing you have a load of work to deal with!

I know this post is becoming an “About page” , but for me to be able to find my audience, I need to introduce myself probably in order for the interested ones to find their way to my blog and me finding mines towards theirs.

I think you’ve noticed so far that I’ve used the word “interest’ quite a lot! Oppss, I know, but it’s a matter of interests, likes, preferences at the end of the day.

If you can relate and feel this post is talking to you, please feel free to subscribe 🙂

Leave your comments and likes too, that would be greatly appreciated.

that all being said, I leave you with this hug :)

that all being said, I leave you with this hug 🙂

Blogging101 Task#3: new blogs and new tags

I know I’m coming late today with this assignment.

Today, I chose to share some blogs I’ve recently followed.

Under the tags category, my new tags are:

1. Politics

2. Islam

3. International Relations

4. Poetry


Hence, my new blogs are:

1. The International Reporter

2. iramramzan

3. Prejudice& Politics

4. You are not so smart

5. thoughtofvg

I’ve so far followed more than that, and I know the mission is on the go.

As I learn a new thing everyday, I grow enthusiastically interested in learning more about various and very new things.

I hope fellow bloggers find interest as well in my blog! I am still developing and building my knowledge and capacities.

To find more about me, visit my About page.