Blogging 101 Task #1: Introductions

Just the fact that I am sitting mesmerised in front of the screen at the state of to write OR to write not brings back the memories when I used to spend hours paralysed with my thoughts trying to get something written down on my graduation project! The project I successfully managed to accomplish in 3 days only! Such an achievement.

It’s always been the case where I am swinging on the verge of thoughts, trying to catch a falling thought, but failing to, until it’s late enough and I make it through.

The challenge is always kicking off with introductions. Don’t tell me it is easy! No! BUT, if you have an excellent command of your thoughts and skills, you can make @introductions your retreat. And with blogging, I hope I can do that! Let’s work for it and see how it turns out.

My #Let’s Rock with the thoughts blog is inspired from my approach towards optimism. The fact that we are blessed with such a talent to generate and come up with the most versatile thoughts, ranging from the wisest and smarter to the silliest and most naive ever. Such a collection the human brain bears, is a great asset that can either build or destroy.

And as I am a person who is always occupied with thoughts, I will seize every chance to make way for my thoughts in this blog. Writing has always been my sweet escape, the open air where I can shout out and speak up my heart and mind, fearlessly, and be heard.

And kicking off with #Let’s Rock with the thoughts, I want to be back on track with writing- I’ve been struggling for a year now to write as passionately and creatively as I used to do- and be able to write my dream book!

You may notice that I had signed up before for the blogging101, yet unfortunately, I did not commit to this course, simply because I had really hard times struggling with my writings. This time, I hope I can be able to give birth to my thoughts and be as creative as I am, always.

As it is said, beginnings are the toughest, yet the happiest and most positively challenging experiences the one can live. Writing for me is a journey to discover myself, the world, learn about LIFE and MAN, and let other know me as I am.

For a short introduction about me, please visit my About page. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

Here we go, 1, 2, 3, @Let’s_Blog


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