Blogging101 Task #2: Titles and Taglines

It’s my second day with Blogging101. I cannot deny the fact that I literally sat in front of the screen just a minute ago and whispered to myself: “what am I writing tonight?”. Surprisingly enough, the minute my fingers embraced the keyboard, words started to flow out in such an inspiring stream of creativity!

Because it is always FUN for me to be in company with my words, thoughts, and non-stoppable passion for challenging my presents to shape my future, I called my blog: @Let’s Rock with the thoughts! And who does not enjoy being such a mind set on fire? Maybe a few,,,, I mean those whose very thoughts lead them astray in the midst of the shiny bright day!

Anyways, having that initially, I went on with tagline: dream big, breakthrough, create and live your passion. This, I believe, is the perfect matching interpretation of my title.

Thoughts are the KEY that opens up opportunities for us; thoughts, are one’s  secret ingredient. They are the one outstanding touch that leaves us jaw dropped to the floor. One thought can build a nation and destroy a nation, as simple as that is.

With the right thought, the genuinely fit, in form and content, thought, we can dream big. Dreams are our goals that we always aspire living the luxury of their fulfillment.

When we reach our destinations and make an accomplishment, we breakthrough, the boundaries of fears, hardships of complaints and drama, obstacles of whining over suspicions. We breakthrough, simply because we kick out these bad omens and courageously step forward, to make a change.

Our breakthroughs make us stronger candidates who race to create and excel. Hence, we live our passion. Full stop.

Let’s all rock with our thoughts, embrace them and make a difference. Happy blogging!



  1. writingblissfully · July 7, 2015

    Very nice! I’m inspired. 🙂

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