Blogging101 Task #4: Hello neighbours :)

I just cannot tell you how happy I am knowing that after an exhausting work day I can go back home, put my feet up and chill as I blog! Yes, that is a fact. It’s not only blogging, it is that when you write down your heart and soul and leave the words to surf over the internet and reach to those across the globe who can relate to what is being written; find comfort and relief in your words; with that, what matters is knowing that someone is into what you write and will keep track of your updates to learn more about you, as a person, your interests, concerns and everything.

I am a passionate young woman whose interest are growing and expanding every day- probably because I work in the filed of international development and external affairs and translation, I always crave knowing and learning about different nations, peoples, countries worldwide, cultures and traditions, languages and their various dialects , young entrepreneurs, especially females, creative promising future leaders in all walks of life. And not only that, but finding about the very exotic new trends and updates of today’s life. I should admit that controversial issues and topics put me on edge of excitement and I cannot but find myself digging into these  glamorously non-traditional extrinsic topics- that’s the Aries in me 😀

BTW: I am a coffeeholic, an early morning coffee is a hug in a mug! and who doesn’t want a hug to kick off every morning, knowing you have a load of work to deal with!

I know this post is becoming an “About page” , but for me to be able to find my audience, I need to introduce myself probably in order for the interested ones to find their way to my blog and me finding mines towards theirs.

I think you’ve noticed so far that I’ve used the word “interest’ quite a lot! Oppss, I know, but it’s a matter of interests, likes, preferences at the end of the day.

If you can relate and feel this post is talking to you, please feel free to subscribe 🙂

Leave your comments and likes too, that would be greatly appreciated.

that all being said, I leave you with this hug :)

that all being said, I leave you with this hug 🙂


One comment

  1. Crush · July 9, 2015

    Hugs to you too! I also enjoy looking into controversial topics 🙂

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