Thank you!


I cannot tell you how happy your sweet, kind and generous words made me, rejoicing with happiness, relief, ecstasy and merry; I simply cannot be any happier. I’ve been having a rough week so far, and only in the afternoons, after an exhaustingly wrecking work day, I crawl to my keyboard to find solace in writing. And just going into my WordPress and finding your feedback, likes and comments, put me on cloud nine- feeling like floating on air with euphoria. That’s life I think!

I am utterly happy, thankful and grateful for having you all. Knowing that my writings interest you even though you do not know me in person, indeed stands out and adds colours and flavours to my blog and life.

Everyday blogging is like sitting on the edge of excitement; dicing and rocking with the words; letting go of all the awful burdens of tiresome, boredom and anxiety and taking in a dose of optimism and sighs of relief. Blogging thus far has proven to keep me at oneness with myself. Because I know that when it’s too hard for me to talk about something, someone across the universe, and somewhere cross the continents, would care to read and listen to the words as they pulse with the unspoken rhythms.


Thanks a lot for your continuous support. Please keep in touch and do not forget to pop into my blog every now and then.

Besties 🙂



  1. MayReign aka A.S. · July 15, 2015

    How did G-d put so much awesomeness into one person? I love the way you write. You are so expressive. Your words make pictures in my head and bring a smile to my face.

    • dalal.radwan · July 17, 2015

      and your words just put a wide smile, from ear to ear on my face. And did G-d put some much kindness and beauty in you?

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