Blogging101 Task #10: Building A Better Blogroll

With today’s task, I managed to build s better blogroll, and guess what, my assignment today covers the 3 different suggestions.

The first one, with the text widget, I added the Blogging101 badge. The funny thing is that as I was always looking into other blogs, I always wanted to add this badge to my blog, and never really paid attention to the tip on the sidebar, just until today.

The second thing is: Links widget: again to the sidebar, I added 8 blogrolls.

The third is: Blogs I Follow. I added 10 blogs I follow and find interesting and chose the “grid” display.

The fourth and finally: I have received a comment that suggests I specifically address the main objective of my blog, not just leave speaking about me, myself. And this is what I did.

Thus far- I can get some rest- I will be looking froward to writing some uncategorised and new posts which I will be sharing with you in the next coming days.

Don’t forget to leave your comments 🙂



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