Blogging101 Task #8: Being a good neighbour

It’s not only with this task I chose to be a good neighbour. Since I started this course, I started surfing other fellow bloggers blogs, and not only those I follow and who follow me back, however, everyone I find interesting and I can relate to their About Page and posts.

Thus far, I realised it’s only about sharing and engaging with other people’s posts; it’s rather the fact that I get to see a glimpse of what people are like, how they think, perceive and interpret and process information, facts, experiences and daily encounters.

Reading one’s post, takes you on a journey to the realms of their life. Their identity, thoughts, culture, traditions and most importantly, them as human beings.

I should admit that when I write, I feel I am naked! Because only with writing we let ourselves be exposed to the others, to the public. With writing you cannot hide, bluff or lie; you can only let your inners translate what’s dwelling inside to the outside.

My daily habit is not to hover over the Freshly Pressed posts and get in touch with what is going around me.

Many have inspired me so far, if not with writings, they did with ideas on how to build and grow an eye-catching and appealing.

My goal now is by the end of this course, I hope I can have friend-neighbour- fellow bloggers, whom I can be sure will be in touch on a daily basis. SO far, I have 3 and I trust this will multiply as I start writing about many other different things.



  1. writingblissfully · July 17, 2015

    For me writing is very exposing; I share a part of myself each time and there’s a hesitance before I share the work–or even a comment 🙂 . I have made a habit of, especially with my blog, just hitting “Post” before I overthink the text and ultimately talk myself out of posting. What are some things you do?

    • honestme363 · July 17, 2015

      I remember the nike motto : Just do it. 🙂

      • dalal.radwan · July 17, 2015

        hhhhhhhhhhhhhh just do it 😉

  2. honestme363 · July 17, 2015

    Very eloquently written. I am finding that most of the blogs I follow are quite candid in their posts, they expose themselves as they retell their tales. I consider it more like my tool box one in which I open to remind myself that not every post has to be earth shattering or funny but to help me peel back my layers and help my inner truth to emerge. It is a slow process to becoming ‘naked’ but I find that posts like this one will help along the way. Thanks.

    • dalal.radwan · July 17, 2015

      Indeed it is.
      It takes courage to let yourself be that exposed and naked in public and only when doing that, you get to live the true moments of writing and hearing back from fellow interested readers.
      Just let go of what’s dwelling in your heart and mind and live the experience.

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