Blogging101Task #9: Getting Inspired by the Neighbours

Thanks to A Letter I Wrote to Myself About Getting FatA Greatly Inspirational post that not only made my day, but greatly made sit to put down some thoughts I’ve been having in mind for some time now.

And going from there, my post: What Size Are You?

In this post I shed the light on women’s and men’s constant urge to stay fit and in shape; society judgments, worry and anxiety and continuous pursuit to lose weight and look fit and in shape regardless.

The post is just a random thought. Please feel free to comment and let me know that you were here 🙂



  1. writingblissfully · July 18, 2015

    There’s so much emphasis put on size. And it becomes a topic we discuss and stress about daily. I’m glad you’re writing about this topic.

    • dalal.radwan · July 18, 2015

      Because all I’m seeing is people going maniac about how much they weigh, their size, curves, shapes and obsession with numbers. We need to step back a bit and see the big picture.
      YOu know what, I really it every time I sit with friends and colleagues and all that they discuss is their weight! Disgusting and time and peace-consuming unhealthy topic. Like we have nothing BUT our size to talk about.

      • writingblissfully · July 19, 2015

        It starts very young these days. Even children are growing up self-conscious when they should be enjoying their youth. And it’s not just our young girls; now young boys are are experiencing image issues. Will you be writing more know this topic?

      • dalal.radwan · July 19, 2015

        Yes,, you are correct.
        This was the beginning,, I will be writing more about this topic and more.

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