You are Humans.

Always on the go to lose weight and become thinner to look good and perfect and attract their attention? Ever skipped your meals and the sophisticated luxurious food because you feared that you are becoming fatter and uglier? And always putting yourself in community’s preconceived labels and stereotypes where you can’t but look “stunningly thin and sexy”?

Let me tap on your shoulders and put you in the true picture.

We are always obsessed with sizes,figures, shapes, looks, numbers and numbers and more. It’s always numerical, rigid, irrational, senseless, indistinct and dull…………..Objects?!

What drives these few lines to this very brief conclusion is the fact that this is exactly how most of our youth, women and even men, look at themselves.

Everyone is on a constant burnout to maintain a fabulous body, that’s absolutely fit and give her/ him the freedom to wear the smallest of sizes and thinnest dresses and outfits.

Everyone is going a banana about how they look physically from the outside; extreme merciless diets- most of the times leading to anorexia nervosa, working out, body building, suppliers, and sometimes even worse, going on hunger strikes for the sake of nailing it and reaching the goals of having the “body” that pleases the eye and set instincts on fire.

And while doing all of that, we forget about our spirituality, the natural balance that weds our heart- mind- and soul. We simply go astray and end up “objects” and “slaves” to this trend! Becoming mere objects. Because that’s all our youth are doing now; they neglect their human needs and let themselves be exposed and objectified by the irrationality and irresponsible attitudes that are spreading like wildfire on the tele, social media and even out in the streets and make people believe that only with the “perfect body” you can be successful, rich, famous and accepted!

Total insanity.

Let me tell you that most of the times I was/ am not happy with my body. That’s fine, so far. However, what’s making me living with this body is my mom. I have a mom whom whenever hears me complaining about my figure and how I look, always assures me that I am fit, I am healthy with this body and I look good.

But guess what, this is not always enough ,,, good enough to make me really appreciate how I look and be convinced that as long as I am healthy, there’s no need to panic about what others think of me.

It’s not wrong to take into consideration what people think of you and who/ how you are, yet, when this is over-considered and it becomes your ultimate priority to listen to what others think of you,,, here you are harming yourself.

I believe the first step to overcome such dilemma is to stop listening to what people say- you know they always talk and will keep talking,,, just leave them- and start thinking for your own self. First things first, is having self-esteem and confidence of what we have. Then, looking into where things are going wrong, and trying to provide genuine solutions, not again, let ourselves be projected and labelled. We act as we are comfortable about.

All the sexy and sizzling beauty icons and models you see on the TV and viral on social media are created for certain purposes, and are advertised to you by the sick mentalities of businesses that only seek the financial profits at the end of the day.

You are not an object! You can always aspire being healthy, fit and good to look at, BUT, do not let that take over your life.

DO NOT let yourself be labelled and categorised. You are not a puppet that should let people dress her and play wither whenever and however they want. You are a human being. It’s not always how look from the outside, you should also take care of your inner beauty; your soul.

We need to remind ourselves that our bodies are the vehicle that gives the tour around life/ Just accept who you are, take control and do not let your ears be opened to the common public!

In short it is your essence that makes your stand out in life NOT your flesh and skin.

To break the ice, play this song



  1. whereshappy · July 17, 2015

    “It’s not wrong to take into consideration what people think of you and who/ how you are, yet, when this is over-considered and it becomes your ultimate priority to listen to what others think of you,,, here you are harming yourself.” Very true words. I find myself worrying about what other people think all of the time. I have to work hard to really value myself.

    • dalal.radwan · July 17, 2015

      Yes, Please! Start valuing and accepting yourself, because no ones knows you better than you DO!
      keep in mind that when you do something, it’s you taking full responsibility of all the circumstances that may arise. U live for yourself not for the others.
      Good luck with that 🙂

  2. writingblissfully · July 18, 2015

    I love this piece! It’s true that when we focus just on the physical we neglect other areas of life like the spiritual. Just focusing on one aspect of life will not bring us the peace we desire, especially when we look at the physical body which constantly changes. 🙂

    • dalal.radwan · July 18, 2015

      the appearances change and beauty fades! We needs to realise that we are valuable and precious for our own existence ,,, and not only for the sake of looks and shapes. Numbers go up and down and it’s the humanity that remains and should remain to the end.

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