Hello 2016…

As the 1st of January 2016 is coming to its end, I do know that I no longer wish to look back at anything from 2015, that being a success or failure. Everything happened for a reason, a great reason; we always come to such realisations late and sometimes it’s just we are too blind to see what was going around. Anyways, it’s all a past now and the mere thought will not make a difference now. What has happened is a memory buried into oblivion now. I am the human being of the now, of this very moment of 2016.

Of resolutions, I kept them simple and clear, to myself and for myself. Starting of today, I, wholeheartedly, determined, resumed my most preferred habits or reading and writing. These are the only two things in the universe I know I will suffer and vanish miserably without. When I read, I inhale purity and sacredness to exhale all the negativity and aching boredom and depression and breathe all freshness and purity.
There were times I was just letting days go by, all careless and worried! My heart was heavy, burdened with the ageing worries and anxious with the pathetic self-destructive concerns. I am over with that now, faithful and hopeful that I should now step up and take the necessary actions to make the most desired realities and dreams.

Every day  we wake up to a new day, new opportunities wake up in us and for us to tell us that we are alive today and we should LIVE our dreams and turn the fantasies into achievements and accomplishments. Stepping out of our comfort zones, bravely carrying out our missions, with zero fears of loss and failure will ensure we reach our destinations with dignity and pride, assured that we did the right thing and gave it our absolute efforts, time and hard work.  This should be our vision towards which we march full of hopes and aspirations.

This year I am dedicating these 365 days to LIVE MY LIFE AND BE ME, ONLY ME. I will not “look outside myself”. “I know who I am and who I may be if I choose”. And this is the time for me to choose to BE HAPPY.

I know there will be times I feel weak, vulnerable, fragile, yet, I will assure myself that these are obstacles aiming at deluding and hindering me from the right. I will put myself together and raise up again. Because I know I am good, I am ambitious, hopeful and faithful. I KNOW I DESERVE THE BEST. I WILL BE ME, LIVE FOR ME AND CONQUER.

#EMBRACE_TODAY, #WORK_HARD AND #WELCOME_10296857_1672792226333180_829104795_nTOMORROW.