Blogging101 Task #6: About Page

So, here I am doing my 6th assignment on the row.

I didn’t really add to my About Page. The fact that in short introduce ourselves to the public, to individuals we’ve never known and let them freely reflect on what they read, find and relate to it, is challenging and interesting at the same time.

I didn’t add or change in my about page. For now, I think I’ve added enough.

Whoever would be interested in finding more about it or feels that my page/ blog speaks to him or her is free to leave a comment, feedback and let me know.




Blogging101 Task #5: Themes

I know I am not supposed to write about my theme preference, but thought I’d be lost in count if I don’t (for the sake of the task only).

Since I started this blog and promised to myself that I am making a commitment this time, I wandered in through various themes and previewed and tried many, and in the end, it was one theme that I felt was speaking to me; it is Gateway!

Erm, the reason I chose this theme is because it is indeed my gateway for my thoughts, you feel me?

I wanted a theme, a platform, that can simply reflect what I am trying to say. No one denies the fact that our own words fail us and let us down, and only then, we need something that can convey our message. Hence, I am going for the Gateway theme. Simple, unique, attractive and thought provoking,,,,, I cannot ask for more.

This in short is me fulfilling my 5th assignment. Do not forget to subscribe and leave your comments. That’d be greatly appreciated.

Cheers 🙂

Blogging101 Task #4: Hello neighbours :)

I just cannot tell you how happy I am knowing that after an exhausting work day I can go back home, put my feet up and chill as I blog! Yes, that is a fact. It’s not only blogging, it is that when you write down your heart and soul and leave the words to surf over the internet and reach to those across the globe who can relate to what is being written; find comfort and relief in your words; with that, what matters is knowing that someone is into what you write and will keep track of your updates to learn more about you, as a person, your interests, concerns and everything.

I am a passionate young woman whose interest are growing and expanding every day- probably because I work in the filed of international development and external affairs and translation, I always crave knowing and learning about different nations, peoples, countries worldwide, cultures and traditions, languages and their various dialects , young entrepreneurs, especially females, creative promising future leaders in all walks of life. And not only that, but finding about the very exotic new trends and updates of today’s life. I should admit that controversial issues and topics put me on edge of excitement and I cannot but find myself digging into these  glamorously non-traditional extrinsic topics- that’s the Aries in me 😀

BTW: I am a coffeeholic, an early morning coffee is a hug in a mug! and who doesn’t want a hug to kick off every morning, knowing you have a load of work to deal with!

I know this post is becoming an “About page” , but for me to be able to find my audience, I need to introduce myself probably in order for the interested ones to find their way to my blog and me finding mines towards theirs.

I think you’ve noticed so far that I’ve used the word “interest’ quite a lot! Oppss, I know, but it’s a matter of interests, likes, preferences at the end of the day.

If you can relate and feel this post is talking to you, please feel free to subscribe 🙂

Leave your comments and likes too, that would be greatly appreciated.

that all being said, I leave you with this hug :)

that all being said, I leave you with this hug 🙂

Blogging101 Task#3: new blogs and new tags

I know I’m coming late today with this assignment.

Today, I chose to share some blogs I’ve recently followed.

Under the tags category, my new tags are:

1. Politics

2. Islam

3. International Relations

4. Poetry


Hence, my new blogs are:

1. The International Reporter

2. iramramzan

3. Prejudice& Politics

4. You are not so smart

5. thoughtofvg

I’ve so far followed more than that, and I know the mission is on the go.

As I learn a new thing everyday, I grow enthusiastically interested in learning more about various and very new things.

I hope fellow bloggers find interest as well in my blog! I am still developing and building my knowledge and capacities.

To find more about me, visit my About page.

Blogging101 Task #2: Titles and Taglines

It’s my second day with Blogging101. I cannot deny the fact that I literally sat in front of the screen just a minute ago and whispered to myself: “what am I writing tonight?”. Surprisingly enough, the minute my fingers embraced the keyboard, words started to flow out in such an inspiring stream of creativity!

Because it is always FUN for me to be in company with my words, thoughts, and non-stoppable passion for challenging my presents to shape my future, I called my blog: @Let’s Rock with the thoughts! And who does not enjoy being such a mind set on fire? Maybe a few,,,, I mean those whose very thoughts lead them astray in the midst of the shiny bright day!

Anyways, having that initially, I went on with tagline: dream big, breakthrough, create and live your passion. This, I believe, is the perfect matching interpretation of my title.

Thoughts are the KEY that opens up opportunities for us; thoughts, are one’s  secret ingredient. They are the one outstanding touch that leaves us jaw dropped to the floor. One thought can build a nation and destroy a nation, as simple as that is.

With the right thought, the genuinely fit, in form and content, thought, we can dream big. Dreams are our goals that we always aspire living the luxury of their fulfillment.

When we reach our destinations and make an accomplishment, we breakthrough, the boundaries of fears, hardships of complaints and drama, obstacles of whining over suspicions. We breakthrough, simply because we kick out these bad omens and courageously step forward, to make a change.

Our breakthroughs make us stronger candidates who race to create and excel. Hence, we live our passion. Full stop.

Let’s all rock with our thoughts, embrace them and make a difference. Happy blogging!

Blogging 101 Task #1: Introductions

Just the fact that I am sitting mesmerised in front of the screen at the state of to write OR to write not brings back the memories when I used to spend hours paralysed with my thoughts trying to get something written down on my graduation project! The project I successfully managed to accomplish in 3 days only! Such an achievement.

It’s always been the case where I am swinging on the verge of thoughts, trying to catch a falling thought, but failing to, until it’s late enough and I make it through.

The challenge is always kicking off with introductions. Don’t tell me it is easy! No! BUT, if you have an excellent command of your thoughts and skills, you can make @introductions your retreat. And with blogging, I hope I can do that! Let’s work for it and see how it turns out.

My #Let’s Rock with the thoughts blog is inspired from my approach towards optimism. The fact that we are blessed with such a talent to generate and come up with the most versatile thoughts, ranging from the wisest and smarter to the silliest and most naive ever. Such a collection the human brain bears, is a great asset that can either build or destroy.

And as I am a person who is always occupied with thoughts, I will seize every chance to make way for my thoughts in this blog. Writing has always been my sweet escape, the open air where I can shout out and speak up my heart and mind, fearlessly, and be heard.

And kicking off with #Let’s Rock with the thoughts, I want to be back on track with writing- I’ve been struggling for a year now to write as passionately and creatively as I used to do- and be able to write my dream book!

You may notice that I had signed up before for the blogging101, yet unfortunately, I did not commit to this course, simply because I had really hard times struggling with my writings. This time, I hope I can be able to give birth to my thoughts and be as creative as I am, always.

As it is said, beginnings are the toughest, yet the happiest and most positively challenging experiences the one can live. Writing for me is a journey to discover myself, the world, learn about LIFE and MAN, and let other know me as I am.

For a short introduction about me, please visit my About page. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

Here we go, 1, 2, 3, @Let’s_Blog

I am not happy!

Overwhelmingly depressed I am at this very moment! Failed myself, fooled myself, threw myself out of the bus…. left myself hanging amongst the hecticly frustrating demotivating and killing life… Am I even this close in describing how I feel now? NOOO!

In short, I am sad. The moment when you’re up to something very important and deep inside you know that you are fully capable of tackling it and fully trust that you will blow away whoever is saying that you won’t succeed; you’re simply confident that you will excel and you walk towards that thing with your head held up and high and  then you stumble ,,,,my dear, you desperately need to reconsider your credentials!

Not only this. Also, when some good people around you have faith in you, look up at you as their model and their model and have their acquaintances and relatives role by your model, and then ,,, just like that, you fail. You failed to prove that you are the best again to them. You failed to prove that you rock and nothing can stand in your face. You failed to preserve their image of the great excellent hard-working individual who’s spent his entire life so far craving excellence and being the best at everything. And still, this does not change the fact that you simply failed. How could I ever retrieve that self acceptance and satisfaction again?

I am horrible, growing self-hating, very very demotivated and agonised of myself. I failed myself.
But, why on earth did that even happen ?,…

Why on earth did things turn so awfully wrong and freaking bad like that? .

It was a simple speaking session … speaking,.,.,. talking with sometime limit and expressing you thoughts and opinions on something! Just that. Just another conversation, but for the sake of a mark.
NOO. It wasn’t just that. I failed to enjoy the conversation, to understand some stupid topic, some crucial matter, I failed to answer properly, to manage my time, perfectly, I failed myself together, to cheer myself up,,,, I failed to impress me, in short.

Yes. The examiner was the whole session upset. I never did upset an examiner, a host, an interviewer or anyone I get the chance to speak to. Yet I did upset her! Well done!

The whole time she was giving me the impression of dissatisfaction. She wasn’t happy! her facial expressions said it all!

And as I left, her goodbye was horribly blaming me ,,, what the heck was that about ,, what have you just done ,,, what and what and what and why. Uh, my heart is aching me now.

that was indeed a slap in the face!

I have always been the one to carry out successfully anything ,, when someone is in trouble,  it was me to to provide THE ADVICE and support people at everything… When there was an important occasion, I was the one to stand up infront of the crowds and speak, get the attention, impress people with my fluency and on top, prove to myself that I am successful, and only now, I feel that I am completely dragged into the pitch dark depths of lost. I am completely lost. I feel disgusted at myself.

this is not me ,,,no not me ,, I don’t wish to press rewind and turn back the hands of time “here I am singing Rihanna’s” and change what is now A PAST. No. I can never change that,

All I can do now is living with this guilt.

It’s never been easy overcoming a depressing incident and putting yourself together again. I know I cannot change this fact, reality now ,,, and I will have to suck it up and live with it.

And now, as I am uploading this unfortunate encounter here, my phone rings and it’s mom, the super adviser and unique mom, checking on me and keeping track of this amazing day! And I simply broke down. Her voice hence comes to comfort me and tell me that I did my best and all will be ok.

Ok…. yes,, it’s another unlucky hour, unsuccessful day and it’ll pass by and vanish away. Will it be ok.. will it? Yes,,, mom, it will be ok. Have faith and confidence in yourself and it shall be ok 🙂 But mom…. 😦

She hung up,,, take care and be happy! Ok,,, mom,, ok.

Now, I need to calm down, to wear that smile again and try to rejoice, to make myself happy, as I always do. I need to kick away this negative does of pessimism and fill my lungs with fresh air. This session is already gone,, and the others are yet to come.


It’ll be good ,,, it’ll be ok ,,, I guess. What worst could come next? worst than letting yourself down and not giving your best? What could that be?

What could that be?

I am not happy now, but,,, I’ll try to BE.

A little star: shining brighter in the darkest of nights

I know that these passing days I wasn’t that committed to blogging as I said I will, and I regret that, wholeheartedly!
It’s just painstakingly aching sometimes to write about your agonies, disappointments, the awful things that hurt you,,,, it’s really hard. The fact that you will be exposing yourself to the public, freaks me and adds insult to injury when I should positively consider it and let go of all these miseries inside and let the public treat it ,, with kindness.

As writing was my remedy when it was just hard enough for me to take in all the shits going around of me, music and songs played also a major in taking away the negative energy and spread positivism and peacefulness. And, indeed, many were the times when only music was the solution, the healing touch that detox the badly harmful feelings and tenderly deepens self control so I can maintain a healthy life, where the heart nourishes and soul tango together in peace, and the mind in peace rests, cultivating gratitude for the good things I had, have and will be having.
And this week my only remedy was “lil star, by Kelis” was my only song, my only shelter.

It was hard for me to crawl to my notebook and write about this little thing hurting my inners. I used to write in such cases, but, things changed, I changed and it seems that writing will worsens things, because I know I will end up writing down really horrible things that I might regret.
Huhhh! I’m not a regretful person, yet as of December 2014, I started becoming one, and I am still asking myself this question “if regrets and the act of regretting is a bad or good omen????” ….. don’t know, yet!

I am positive that at the darkest of times, there shall always be a little star shining, regardless. I am now this star, and you can be that too, and it’s indeed at the darkest of time when the peril of hope shines bright and we genuinely SEE THE STARS.

Let me now leave you with one of my favourite pieces for André Rieu performing “and the Waltz goes on” and I hereby say that life goes on.


Chill, let go, expect less, stay positive, count your blessings, and tomorrow will come the song 🙂

A message in a bottle: excerpts to my dream reader

Dear You,

I hope as this message comes to you, crossing borders, oceans, seas and continents, finds you safe, warm, health and happy.

Tomorrow will come the song is indeed my remedy and quite lullaby, which, whenever I’m entangled with pain, disappointment and sickness, heals the wounds of the soul, retrieving the smile to my face, delight to my eyes and rooting faith deep into my inner zone.

My dream reader,

As you unfold this message, let your eyes run through the lines light-heartedly. You probably don’t know me, for this end, I have created this blog to meet with others, across the globe, share with them, rejoice, cry, cheer and upload all the things occupying the heart inside. And,

“If you were music
I would listen to you ceaselessly
      And my low spirits would brighten up.”

So, here I am, seeking a reader, a committed and faithful. One who can enliven my posts with his/ her likes, comments, thoughts and insights.

Dear Reader,

I hope you are a dreamer, too. “For a  dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”   And for ever , “Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”

With love,


blogging successfully

When I started up this blog I was full of hope that: firstly, I will get more encouragement, challenge and support to write, share, interact and meet fellow bloggers and writers; and the second is that: it’s been a year and a half now and I wasn’t that active writing!
I used to be to be a writing-holic. However, for some reason, I got lost and my lovely habit was partially fading, until I decided to sign up this blog fingers-crossed that it will boost me to write again and write more. And here I am!
I really get sick when I do not write. Yes, I do. Gosh, how all these thoughts and words can be such a coldly merciless pain when imprisoned, unintentionally, inside. And it is a grand relief letting them out. It’s like a tweeting bird leaving his cage to sing in the open air, freely and without any limits or restricting borders.

I am feeling much better now, having this #blogging101 challenge puts in the seventh heaven. I can’t be any happier!

Five key subjects that catch my heart and soul are, but not limited to, the following:

1- Literature: especially Russian literature.

2- Greek Methodology

3- Books

4- Philosophy, Psychology and Religions

5- Personal experiences, adventures and success stories.

Having these subjects in mind, I stumbled upon a number of blogs (more than five :D) and with a quick review, I’ve got to acknowledge that there are lots of promising fellow bloggers whose blogs can enlighten the minds, add knowledge and are indeed “quality blogs”.

I, wholeheartedly, wish you all the every success with your endeavours.

I would appreciate if you take a few minutes and share with me your thoughts on my blog.
Please feel free to recommend any subject and/ or blog/ blogger you think is worthy following.

Again, nice to meet you all lovely neighbours. Let’s all turn our neighbourhood into a rich and fertile environment that breeds ingenuity and cultivates creativity and valuable ideas and thoughts.